Charles-Louis Telsontair
Important Information
Title N/A
Gender Male
Government Position No
Political Party National Alliance Party
Department N/A
Executive Power? No.
Retired? No.
Honours None.

Charles Louis Nakumi Telsontair joined United Kingdom as a full Citizen in June of 2010. That same month, on the 10th, he ran in the General Elections and was elected the Mayor of London, and was the first and last Mayor of London to have a fully functional London Assembly that mananged to pass legislation. The famous London Convention Center was founded and built under Mayor Telsontair, which was destroyed in 11/4.

On November 10th, just six days after the events of 11/4, Charles-Loius founded National Bank and Trust, the first finanical institution of United Kindom and the first to be publically owned. One month later, he also founded the London Stock Exchange which closed in April 2011 due to economic turmoil.

On December 10th, Charles successfully ran for the Southern England seat in Parliament and dedicated his term to refining the UK economy and establising some legislation that improved the economy's foundation. That same day, he founded the National Alliance Party which would go on to become the largest and best party since the days of the Democratic Alliance Party On January 11th, long time Chancellor of the Exchequer Donovan Graham resigned after almost seven months in office. Charles-Louis was appointed by then Prime Minister Alex Stuart as the new and second Chancellor of the Exchequer of United Kingdom, which he served as until March of 2011. That same day, Charles-Louis became the owner of BBC after former owner Robert Peel sold it to him for one pound. Due to this purchase, it would kick start the most vocal case in regional history, Tudor v. R. Peel and National Bank & Trust. Charles and Peel ended up winning the trial and since then, BBC has expanded into over five regions, becoming one of the largest NS news corporations of the decade. Since his removal as Chancellor, Charles hasn't had much luck politically, as his party quickly fell apart and he made two bids for Prime Minister, losing in landslides each time.